Lagg digs deeper

With a compelling story to tell, our new distillery will dig deeper into aspects of production to add more understanding to your appreciation of peated malt.

Peat creates our spirit's rich smoky flavour

Peat is a precious natural product, full of aromatic herbs. When burned, phenols are released and captured in our whisky. This is what provides its rich, earthy and complex flavour.

New whisky from proven methods

Tour our distillery and see how we're working to bring a contemporary style to traditional methods of producing peated whisky on Arran.

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After over 40 years in the whisky industry, I am thrilled and excited to guide this new phase of whisky production on the Isle of Arran and lend my years of experience to bringing our new Distillery to life.

James MacTaggart, Director of Production & Operations, Arran.

One Island, Two Distilleries

At the moment, whilst travel to Arran is restricted, our web shop is the best place to stock up on our Lagg Exclusive Single Malts and Isle of Arran Scotch Whiskies. You can visit it here.

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