We are delighted to be named as the 2023 DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR!

A Lowland Distillery on the Isle of Arran

22 May 2020

Falling below the Highland Boundary Fault Line, Lagg Distillery is the only Lowland distillery situated on an Island.

In total there are five, or arguably six, recognised whisky regions: Speyside, Highlands & Islands, Islay, Campbelltown and Lowlands. Highlands & Islands are sometimes classed as two different regions due to their differing flavour profiles.

Running from the Firth of Clyde in the west, to the Firth of Tay in the east, the highland boundary fault line runs across the middle of Scotland and dissects two of these distinct whisky regions: Islands & Highlands (above the fault line) and the Lowlands (below).

The boundary fault line also runs directly across the Isle of Arran creating a unique micro-climate, earning it the affectionate name of ‘Scotland in Miniature’.

Falling below the boundary fault line, Lagg Distillery is officially classified a Scottish Lowland distillery. However, here at Lagg we are not producing a ‘typical’ Lowland whisky which is light, delicate, grassy and easy-drinking in nature. Instead, given the popularity of the peated Machrie Moor Single Malt range produced at our elder sister Lochranza Distillery, we are producing a rich, heavily peated whisky, typical of a highland style.

In comparison, Lochranza Distillery, finding itself north of the boundary fault line, is registered in the Highland & Island category. Producing an unpeated whisky which is light and citrus in flavour, the Arran Single Malt range contrasts beautifully to the spirit we produce here at Lagg Distillery.

Two very distinct whisky profiles. Two different region classifications.

One island, two distilleries.