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LAGG IN 2022

19 Dec 2022

Lagg Single Malt Inaugural Releases Line Up

2022 has been an especially important year for our Lagg Distillery for lots of exciting reasons. Not least has to be that 2022, as you know, has seen the release of our first LAGG Single Malts in the form of our three Inaugural Releases. The release of Batch 1 in September was the first glimpse of what our core range LAGG Single Malt will taste like and it was an amazing milestone for us to fill the shelves in our Lagg Distillery Visitor Experience with bottles of the first whisky with our name on it.  When asked what the highlights of their year have been, the team at Lagg have all spoken about how proud they felt when presenting our whisky to visitors to the island, and seeing it make its way in the world.

Over the last four months of the year we have seen LAGG introduced into our worldwide markets and had so many positive messages about the taste, flavour and quality. Our Brand Ambassador Mariella Romano has been working with our distributor teams around the world to introduce LAGG and give everyone a flavour of what they can expect from LAGG into 2023. We were also really pleased to share the inaugural releases with our Lagg Cask owners, giving them priority access to purchase them and own their first bottled Lagg Single Malt whilst they wait for their own whisky to mature.

Fred, Senior Tour Guide at Lagg Distillery, has accompanied the Inaugural Releases to several whisky festivals at the end of this year and has said “Being able to travel Lagg across Europe has been amazing fun and I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring for us all!" We are pretty sure that whatever it brings, it's definitely going to be fun!

Whilst LAGG Single Malt has been slowly making its way around the world, many of you have been making your way to see us on the island.  2022 has been the first year that we have been able to remain open without interruption due to lockdowns.  We have welcomed groups from all over the world and indeed from our own island community, most recently with our Christmas meal for the senior citizen community of the south end of Arran. Lagg Assistant Visitor Experience Manager Miller told us that this was one of his highlights as he knows how much our friends enjoy this festive afternoon.

One particular highlight for all of us has been our official opening of LAGG Distillery which took place in May this year.  We invited locals and contractors who have worked so hard with us over the past few years to bring LAGG to life and make it the impressive building that it is.  It was wonderful for everyone to see the final results of a collaborative effort, for many the first time that they had been able to visit due to various restrictions. The building was officially opened by Dougie Vipond and was a true celebration and marker in the ground for bright future ahead for us all at Lagg. Working together with our local community is at the heart of what we do and something we value very highly.

As we write, the core range LAGG Single Malt releases are being carefully crafted, and we’re excited to bring them to you next year. Please stay tuned here on our web site and social pages for more updates on these.  In the meantime, we wish all of our Lagg Distillery and Lagg Single Malt friends all over the world a very happy new year!