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The Kilmory tasting notes from the team at Lagg Distillery.

27 Jul 2023

We were delighted to announce the release of our core range Single Malt, the Kilmory, earlier this year.  The Kilmory is 100% First-Fill Bourbon Barrel matured and bottled at 46% Vol, without chill-filtration and with no added colouring.

To celebrate the success of the Kilmory, we asked the team at Lagg Distillery to describe their tasting notes. Why not pour yourself a dram of our flagship single malt and enjoy a sip while you read through their thoughts? 

Nose: Sweet and peat flavours dominate. Citrus sweetness, oranges, grapefruit, charred lemons, lemon drops, this is enhanced by adding water which brings an explosion of lemon. Hints of tropical fruits, pineapples, and honeydew melon stand out. The sweet notes are undercut by a gentle ashy smoke, reminiscent of bonfire embers or old pubs as well as a damp, earthy and note. 

Palate: Bright and vibrant. The citrus and tropical fruits from the nose continue and provide a zesty spark. Other vanilla/sugary sweet flavours creep in such as cream soda and crème brulé. The grassy damp vegetal and herby notes of the LAGG distillery character arrive more pronounced on the palate. Again, the peat is earthy and ashy and the bonfire ash develops into cigar tobacco. Some more ‘earthy’ and musty flavours with old leather and wood. This is underpinned by a thick, creamy, and oily texture that coats the mouth. 

Finish: A gentle short to medium finish that brings out more of the earthy/ashy smoke and some peppercorn spice.

Summary: Sweet and Peat. Zesty Citrus, Tropical Fruits, Herby-Vegetal/Grassy, and an Ashy-Earthy smoke. 

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